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Delhi to Gwalior and Return Taxi Booking - And Snapshot of Full Trip

India is famous for its rich cultural and historical heritage. The city of Gwalior in the state of Madhya Pradesh is one such place which is imbued with the stories and legends that bring out the intricacies and complexities of life in India in bright hues and colorful shades. Beginning from the Tomars to the Mughals, from the Marathas to the Scindias, the rule of Gwalior changed hands quite a few times but what remained constant was its status as the capital of Madhya Pradesh. Due to its position right at the heart of the country, Gwalior played an important role in the uprising of the natives against the British rule during the revolt of 1857. However, these days Gwalior has found its prominence as not only a tourist attraction but also a business centre, being the landmark commercial and industrial city of India.

If you are thinking of travelling from Delhi to Gwalior using a taxi booking service, the road trip promises to be an eventful journey. But if you are still not sure whether to opt for a taxi booking service or not, we give you a detailed description of the entire trip so that the decision making process becomes easy for you!


Located in the heart of India, Gwalior has a sub tropical climate with occasional humidity. The summers can be quite hot with temperatures reaching even up to 48 deg C and generally span the months between late March and the beginning of July. The period between late July and October brings in a lot of relief due to the monsoon season setting in. however, the best time to travel from Delhi to Gwalior would be during the winter months from October to February as the reasonable drop in temperature allows for a comfortable and pleasurable journey. But keep in mind that you should preferably give travelling during the month of January a miss as the temperature can drop to as low as the freezing point and the roads might be blocked due to the adverse weather conditions.

Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Avg. Highest Temp. (deg C) 20.8 23.6 29.2 36.0 39.5 39.0 34.9 33.6 34.1 32.9 28.2 22.9
Avg. Lowest Temp. (deg C) 7.6 10.2 15.3 21.3 25.9 27.9 27.0 26.4 24.8 19.4 13.0 8.4
Rainfall(mm) 20.8 19.7 13.5 11.4 22.7 77.4 214.2 253.4 120.9 17.3 3.7 9.4
% Humidity 63 55 47 34 33 46 70 73 62 52 55 62

Month Avg. Highest Temp. (c) Avg. Lowest Temp. (c) Rainfall(mm) % Humidity
Jan 20.8 7.6 20.8 63
Feb 23.6 10.2 19.7 55
Mar 29.2 15.3 13.5 47
Apr 36.0 21.3 11.4 34
May 39.5 25.9 22.7 33
Jun 39.0 27.9 77.4 46
Jul 34.9 27.0 214.2 70
Aug 33.6 26.4 253.4 73
Sep 34.1 24.8 120.9 62
Oct 32.9 19.4 17.3 52
Nov 28.2 13.0 3.7 55
Dec 22.9 8.4 9.4 62

Main Attractions:

India boasts of everything from mountains to seaside to quench the thirst in the hearts of all the travelers. But it is the city of Gwalior, which attracts the tourists by virtue of its rich historical background which immediately ties it up with the rich cultural subtext that defines and makes India the country that it is. So if you are travelling from Delhi to Gwalior and want to know which major tourist attractions you have to visit while you are in the city, try catching up to the following places:

  • Gwalior Fort: The fact that this fort has popularly been known as "the Gibraltar of India", you can guess how popular it must be not only amongst the locals but also for the tourists travelling from the far off places. Believed to have been built by Raja Suraj Sen more than a thousand years ago, it is about 35 metres in height and 3.2 kilometres in length. The architecture of this fort was an amalgamation of the influences of many cultures. You will be able to find Jain rock cut sculptures in the GopachalParvatas well as the palaces built in by the Mughal emperors like Shah Jahan and Jahangir. While figures from the Chinese mythology like dragons have been carved into the stone at the foundation of the pillars, the Maratha king MadhavraojiShinde built the famous Scindia School in between the four walls of the fort. You will find the world's largest mural here in the banquet hall of ShyamVatika and also some lesser known temples such as the VivsvaanMandir, the Sas- bahu temple and the TelikaMandir. There are museums like the Municipality Museum as well as Modern 5D, India's very first multi dimensional theatre.
  • Gujari Mahal: Built by Raja MansinghTomar to celebrate his eternal love for his beautiful wife, this place is the unique location of artistic creativity and architectural brilliance mingling in the stone carvings. The Archeological Museum present here retains the aura of the days past and it is no surprise why the tourists flock here in dozens.
  • SurajKund: One of the oldest and most attractive locations of Gwalior, this place is famous for its peaceful surroundings and the view of sunrise and sunset.
  • Sun Temple: A visit to Gwalior would remain incomplete unless one visits the Sun Temple to gain some spiritual solace and religious blessings.
  • Tighra Dam and KanherJhil: Located just at the outskirts of the city, the Tighra Dam and KanherJhil are ideal picnic spots for your family outings with some daring water sports activities for your adventurous soul.
  • National and Historical Parks: The Kuno National Park, the Gandhi Park and the Madhav National Park offer the tourists the company of a vast variety of flora and fauna while the Gandhi Park and the Ambedkar Park are where the travelers go to acquire some knowledge about the history of India amidst the beauties and bounties of Nature.
  • The Tombs: Tansen, who was one of the nine gems in the court of Akbar has his tomb in Gwalior as do the Scindias who were the rulers of this city for many years. Here is located the tomb of the famous Rani Lakshmibai who had fought against the British as well as the tomb of the celebrated Gaus Mohammad.


You have to cover near about a distance of 319 kilometres while travelling from Delhi to Gwalior. You can avail the transport options available like a taxi booking service ,by plane, local buses and even through the railway system.Road trip using a safe taxi booking service, you will be able to see the charms of real India and also be able to snack in between the journey at the roadside dhabas which serve some of the most delectable food available anywhere in the country. In addition to the fare of taxi booking service, you have to pay the toll fare at two toll booths which would cross your path in your roadside journey. The toll booths you must keep an eye out for are:

  • Jajau (Old Baretha) - 55 INR
  • Choundha - 40 INR

Not even a hundred rupees! How can it be so cheap, right? If you want more information about toll taxes, you can always check out the National Highways Authority of India website (

Unfortunately there are not any remarkable restaurants dotting the road between Delhi to Gwalior but you can rest assured that you will not be disappointed either with the taste or the quality of the food available at many roadside Dhabas along the way.

Getting There:

  • Taxi Booking Service- The taxi booking service can be booked at where you can receive competing price bids from multiple operators and book the best price available between Delhi and Gwalior. Your driver would always give you a visual guide of the road trip so that you know exactly which route you are going to take. You can get your privacy and even complete some of your work safe in the knowledge that there wouldn't be any unforeseen complications awaiting you.
  • Bus- The Gwalior City Bus does cover some of the routes in between Gwalior and all the other cities. However, the journey is too long and may be uncomfortable.
  • Personal Car- You might as well choose to travel in between the two cities with some help from your personal car but it is not advisable to travel alone on the highway if you are not aware of the roads you need to traverse in order to reach your destination. Choosing a taxi booking service is much more prudent.
  • Train- The Gwalior Junction is connected with all the prominent railway services and has trains travelling to and fro from Gwalior to Delhi, Agra, Etawah, Shivpuri, Jhansi and even to Sheopur Kalan.
  • Flight- Gwalior Airport allows planes to travel from Delhi to Gwalior. However, the prices of the tickets are not at all cost friendly.

Things to note:

  • Always make your booking for availing the taxi booking service in advance and carry the receipt so that the transaction can be easy and quick.

You can search and book the best quote in the town, within minutes.


You know in advance, the lump-sum amount to be paid for the trip.


We verify the identity of each operator and constantly monitor service quality.